Taaling Tea

In my native country of The Gambia, we begin to tell stories with the traditional Mandinka expression “Taaling, Taaling,” meaning “storytime, storytime.” Mandinka stories often incorporate wise old sayings or proverbs and I especially love deciphering proverbs from my father’s stories. Each package of Taaling Tea is paired with a proverb from my father Ansumana Kunjo’s collection of Mandinka proverbs.

At Taaling Tea, we believe in a holistic approach to health that comes with tasty and nutritionally rich tea sourced in a sustainable and socially equitable way in The Gambia.

Taaling Tea is also working to create Taaling Textile, to revive and preserve traditional styles of weaving from the SeneGambia region.

Join Taaling Tea by indulging in the rich and delicious flavors of The Gambia as you journey to a happier, healthier you!