The Founder

Bintou Kunjo




Bintou Kunjo | Founder

My name is Bintou Kunjo and I am a social entrepreneur blending my passion for tea, healthy living and community development. I strive to connect people to the small West African nation of the Gambia and the cultures of its inhabitants.  

I live in Boston, MA but I grew up in The Gambia where all my tea is sourced. I attended Bowdoin College where I obtained a B.A. in Chemistry and a pre-medicine concentration. I drink at least one cup of tea a day, currently sipping on Gambian Mint as I write. I can often be found reading historical fiction, watching Ousmane Sembene films, exploring the outdoors or just simply laying under the sun because I find it therapeutic.

I started Taaling Tea to first and foremost share a taste of The Gambia with the world through different teas, to promote healthy living and to most importantly establish Taaling Textile - a weaving art company to be based in the SeneGambian region with a great focus on youth education and employment.