Tea of Long Life [SOLD OUT]

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*Contains 50 grams of tea
Recipe: Steep 1
.7g or 2tsp per cup (12oz) of hot water for 3-5mins

Local Name: Kinkeliba // Botanic Name: Combretum Micranthum

With nicknames like “tisane de longue vie” and “West African SuperTea,” it’s no surprise that Kinkeliba is said to have mystical properties. Kinkeliba is one of the most popular bush teas, with an exhaustive list of health benefits including antioxidant levels as high as in Green Tea!


Kinkeliba is a caffeine-free and mineral-rich tea with an ‘earthy’ taste. It steeps to an orange-red color best enjoyed with the addition of honey, mint, lemon or a sweetener of your liking!


  • Caffeine-free
  • Contains 13 flavonoids
  • Equal antioxidant levels as Green tea
  • Anti-Inflammatory properties
  • Diuretic
Each package contains a proverb from my father Ansumana Kunjo's collection of Mandinka proverbs.